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Teaching teenagers is a huge part of English Xpress because it involves both future generations and young prospects towards university aims. They pursue great goals in terms of vocation and future plans and that is why we take teaching teens beyond the classroom. We provide them with professional insights and of course a variety of choices and study plans.

Rapport: Building rapport with teens is essential for success. Therefore we offer a genuine interest in them and their lives so that we really create a relationship with teenagers. They have a talent for seeing through you and knowing if you are being genuine or faking this interest. We often use the first minutes of class to engage in informal conversation about their lives giving room for fostering life skills.

Interests: in English Xpress we take our time to get to know their interests and using them in our planning. We often do online surveys, for example with Survey Monkey, at the beginning of the year and then use the results to inform and devise our planning. We go for popular topics chosen by many of our students. Also, organize reading, listening and speaking tasks around these topics of interest. We take into account their preferred type of activities: listening to music, watching whole films, watching short videos among other things which will vary from group to group.

Choice: English Xpress offers a wide variety of choices into our classroom activities. We have widely experimented with different ways of introducing choice into our lessons. It is important to highlight that we refer to choice as a planned strategy within a lesson to identify the main objective of tasks. Once our main objective is clear to learners we always come up with more than one way of achieving it. The choice can be in the type of task, the tool to be used, and the way of learning.

Variety: Teens might tend get bored easily. English Xpress uses variety as our ally so we vary topics, types of tasks, etc. Predictability is not often on our agenda. We sometimes change the order in which we normally do things and come up with unexpected, original tasks to break down classroom routine and why not, to break the ice. If we have the possibility of changing where we can have our class, we do so in advance! A classroom, a library, a playground, a garden…. Anywhere is good for a lesson. Ultimately, we plan further for specific tasks to be done in these alternative spaces.

Challenge: Creating slightly more challenging tasks. More difficult activities will require more concentration on the part of the learners and will stretch their minds thus increasing student engagement. Introducing competitions in the classroom. Most teens are very competitive and will get involved in almost any task if there is a competition element involved. We make sure we keep track of points and set up a prize system, maybe both on a weekly and monthly basis. Going for open-ended tasks. We provide multiple points of entry and allow for varied and multiple possible solutions. This is also related to choice and interests. It is also a way of personalizing tasks. It will increase motivation and promote creativity among teenagers.

Our courses are practical, engaging and effective with enjoyable exercises and materials. We have good experience with this training course and you will practice and develop your communication skills. You will be ready to use your training and apply to real life! Let’s train together.  Contact us for more info and book your courses with us here.

Course Highlights

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Flexibility & Convenience

Choose a time for you to suit your needs.  The course can be offered twice per week.   Also we can do intensive courses, 3 lessons per week or more. Times can be arranged in the mornings, afternoon or in the evenings.  We offer 1-hour classes and you can choose your times for the classes.  You can train from the comfort of your home, office or any other location.  You can train with us from anywhere in the world…


Support, Development & Results

Buy results, not just courses! We specialize in English language training by providing a high quality and individualized approach with a main focus on results. There is ongoing support and monitoring with your course. So you will see measurable results with assessment and feedback. We test and review your language skills, so that you can develop and improve with results! We are here to support you and reach your goals together!


Easy to train

Our training system is easy to ue and follow.  You will be able to learn and practice your lnaguge skilss with a good online platform.  We will give you some support to use our easy training system.  You will learn well and with good support.


Excellent Training With Certified Professionals

Our staff are certified language trainers with degrees and multi-cultural backgrounds. We are a team of experienced professionals and we like to achieve results. Our staff have experience working in different industries with a variety of business clients.


Practical, Enjoyable & Effective

Our training courses are designed to be practical with many exercises to allow you to develop good skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  We use many resources to develop your communication skills, with effective and practical objectives.  We focus ofn real life and situations for your training.  So relax, enjoy and develop your skills with us!


Best price / quality ratio on the market.

We offer high quality of training with great value.  Our prices are affordable and realistic.  We offer a special discount for our courses at the moment.  We believe in providing great quality of training at affordable price.  You get good value for your money!

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Courses for Teenagers

Teaching teenagers is a huge part of Exglish Xpress because it involves both future generations and young prospects towards university aims…

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We are specialists in business translation and have experience in translating reports, websites, material for presentations, etc…

Proofreading & Editing

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At English Xpress, we offer an excellent copywriting service to help your business. Our professional copywriters will express your business…

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At English Xpress, our writers will offer you an excellent content strategy to build your audience and engage your readers…


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English Xpress

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English Xpress are a professional language agency. We are communication specialists, offering training courses of high quality and value, and a wide range of services for English language and marketing.

We offer high quality courses of English for adults, teenagers and kids. The courses will give you practical training to develop good communication skills. We also provide specialist services in translation, proofreading, editing, and copywriting. 

Contact us for information. Our prices reflect our high quality and also affordability with great value.


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