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A Professional & Experienced TEam.

We are communication specialists offering training courses and a wide range of professional services for English language (editing, translation, copywriting & content writing).

English Xpress offers language training courses for adults and professionals in business & industry. Our courses are designed to be practical, effective and easy to follow.

English Xpress - English Language Training, Translation, Editing, Copywriting

We offer training that will prepare you for work, business, interviews, presentations, exams and certifications.  Our services in copywriting and content writing will help your business and marketing.  We can also check your documents and improve your English with proofreading and editing services.  Our prices are affordable and competitive.  Please contact us for more information and a free consultation.

Certified Professionals

Our staff are certified language trainers with degrees and multi-cultural backgrounds.  We are a team of experienced professionals and we like to achieve results.  Our staff have experience working in different industries with a variety of business clients.

Online Services

We are based in London and offer online training courses for wherever you may be in the world, at your convenience.  Learn & develop great communication skills from the comfort of your home.  Also, we provide proofreading, editing, translation and copywriting.

Excellence & Quality

We are committed to providing excellence and quality in our services in training courses, translation and more.  A flexible and unique training experience. Join a Virtual Classroom, meet other students from around the world and benefit from the coaching of your language trainer.


Our Administration

Bidhan Vhadra


Hello and welcome. I’m Bidhan Vhadra, the Director of English Xpress.  I have a background in business, marketing and IT services. English Xpress was founded to offer services in language and communication. We are based in London and offer online training and services worldwide.  We are specialists in business English and corporate language training. We are not a typical school, but a language agency that offers a broad range of professional services. We also offer a more personalised service and consulting to give you more value and quality. As well as directing the agency, I am a senior trainer and marketing consultant. I offer support and consulting for language services, such as editing, copywriting and content writing. English Xpress is a friendly and professional agency to help you and your business in developing good language and communication skills. We like to focus on you and achieving results. We can offer support and solutions for marketing and refer you to our partner companies. When I’m not busy working, I like to produce music, relax with friends, cook fine cuisine and enjoy various events.

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Freides Rangel

Manager & Senior Trainer

Hi, nice to meet you.  I’m Freides Rangel, the General Manager at English Xpress.  Hailing from South America, I have worked with people of all ages. Excelling in different cultural settings over the past 10 years. I offer my fullest support to provide training which is practical effective and most relevant to your needs. My experience as an ESL/EFL teacher guarantees that I should have no problem in adjusting to multi-ethnic environments with a wide range of training and classes. I can consult with you to manage and arrange your course, requirements and support you. I am a firm believer in the beauty of small things, constantly expressing a positive attitude towards my students. My approach to teaching is one of care, kindness and patience. I am resolute that my enthusiasm will always make an impact on learners.  This is reflected by my motivation and drive for greatness. Likewise, I always aim to share my knowledge with my students. I want to put all of me into the time I spend with you and leave a good impression.

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Why Choose Us?


Established and Professional Staff

We are dedicated to providing professional standards and excellence, so we only hire staff who are qualified with experience.


Online Training Worldwide

We are based in London, providing training and language services  online.   We are modern, flexible and offer custom online courses that are the perfect addition to your training.  Also all other services (translation, editing, etc) can be provided online and at affordable prices and great value.


Client satisfaction and recommendations

The quality and value of our courses have been recognised through client satisfaction and recommendations.  Our experience in training will ensure that you achieve good results and success.


World Class Training, Communication Specialists

Language courses which maintain a high level of excellence and conform to professional standards worldwide.  Experience and expertise in language training, translation, editing and copywriting.


What Our Clients Say

I completed a course of training with English Xpress.  I contacted Bidhan and he arranged a course of training to develop my English language skills.  I needed to practice and improve my level of fluency for general life and also for my business.  I work with international clients so English language is very important for me.

Bidhan planned an advanced course of training which was very useful and practical for me.  The training was professional and now I am much better in my English communication for business and general application.  I am more confident in using English with my clients.

I also used the proofreading and copywriting services to improve my website content and marketing. I was very impressed with the quality of the copywriting and marketing service.  English Xpress are not just a school but also a full language consulting agency.  They have been very useful for me in training my English and improving the written communication for my business.  I fully recommend English Xpress and their excellent services.


Training by English Xpress:  Business English

Other Services Used: Proofreading, Copywriting

My name is Lucia and I’m a trainee lawyer. I’m very happy with my training course with English Xpress. I have known them for over 1 year. I previously did a training course with another company, but I needed a more practical and advanced training for my general communication skill and more personalised for my needs.

As a lawyer, I must also deal with some clients who speak English. So the Business English is also important for me. At English Xpress, I completed the general course and also some training for business.  The courses were excellent and directly useful for me. It was planned very well for my needs. After starting the courses face-2-face, I needed to change to online training because of the pandemic and Covid-19.

I enjoyed my training and it was quite useful for me. I can speak better and more clearly with people at work and general life. I recommend English Xpress to everybody, but especially for business people and for more particular skills in communication. They helped me to develop my skills and train more directly in accordance to my needs. The support was excellent.


Training by English Xpress:  General English, Business English


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English Xpress

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English Xpress is a professional language agency. We are communication specialists, offering English training courses of high quality and value. We also provide a wide range of professional services for English language and marketing (editing, translation, copywriting & content writing).

Develop your communication in English with our training courses or use our professional services to improve your business and marketing.  

Contact us for further information. 


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