A professional & experienced team. Communication specialists offering training courses of high quality and value, and a wide range of professional services for English language and marketing. 

English Xpress offers a wide range of language training courses for Adults and Young Learners. Our courses are designed to be practical, effective and easy to follow. 

We are not just a school, but a language agency. We also provide specialist services in translation, proofreading, editing, copywriting, content writing & marketing ... We provide high quality services to improve your communication and business.


English Training Courses

English Xpress offer a wide range of language training courses for Adults and Young Learners. Our courses are designed to be practical, effective and easy to follow. We are modern, flexible and offer custom online courses.  Our main focus is English, but we also offer courses for French and Spanish on demand.   Are you ready to start a new training course in English?  Start your training course and improve your skills with excellent training ... practical, enjoyable & effective!  



We are specialists in business translation.  The quality of every assignment is controlled by our translations project manager. We can do general translations covering many different industries and themes. We also offer consultations and proofreading by a native speaker. We can translate any personal or internal documents, printed materials or graphics of a general character. For such texts, we charge a price per word.


Proofreading & Editing

A proofreading service for articles, reports, letters, posters, conference presentations, papers, research, and more. We will review your work for spelling, grammar, or typographical errors and check your references and citations against a style guide. A professional proofreader will review your work for spelling, grammar, and mechanical errors, making your personal document easier to read and understand. Professional service with low cost and great value!

Communication specialists and professional service to improve your business and marketing...

English is a global language of business.  Our services in copy writing and content writing will help your business in marketing and sales.  We will also improve your communication with proofreading and editing.  Our translators will convert your language to beautiful English with excellent quality and create the best tone and image for you and your business.

Develop your communication in English with our training courses or use our professional services to improve your business and marketing.  Grow your sales with our writing and marketing services.  We also have partners and work with other companies to help you!! Contact us here for more information.



Copywriting is the art of writing for advertising and marketing. It is writing that is designed to sell or to persuade. At English Xpress, we offer an excellent copywriting service to help your business to gain better marketing and sales.  We are specialists in Copywriting and Business English. We will offer you a FREE consultation to discuss your business and plan a strategy for your advertising and marketing.  Our professional copywriters will express your business in a fine quality of English to motivate, inspire, persuade and promote your sales. Read more here.


Content Writing

Content writing is the process of planning, writing and editing to inform, educate, entertain or instruct readers.  It is different to Copywriting and a longer term strategy than copywriting. At English Xpress, our writers will offer you an excellent strategy to build your audience and engage readers with valuable content which will inform and educate, getting more interest to your business and more traffic to your website. It will build a good foundation for future sales and growth of your business! We will offer you a FREE consultation to discuss and plan your content and strategy.  Read more here.

Online Marketing & Consulting

Online (digital) marketing is  a very important aspect for your business.  There are many aspects to marketing and your business needs  good online marketing.  We understand online marketing but we only offer limited services which are focused on writing and communication because we are a language agency. But we also have partners and other companies who can offer you more technical services in web design, development, and other specialist services.  We can offer you a FREE consultation with a full analysis for your business and online marketing.  We can refer you to our partners.


You get more with us…

Better Results, Practical, Effective… 

Online Training

We provide online training for people around the world. You can train with us wherever you are, at your convenience.   Our online courses are very effective to help you develop your communication skills. We are modern, practical & offer online training courses for wherever you may be in the world.

Quality & Standards

Language courses which maintain a high level of excellence with professional standards worldwide.   We are a team of experienced professional and we like to achieve results. Our staff have experience working in different industries with a variety of business clients.

Support & Development

Our team will support you with training services to develop your English skills.  Also use our professional services to improve your English communication for business and marketing. Our services are focused on you and your development, either in training or for developing your business communication and marketing. 


Supporting your training, building your language skills.

Language consulting for your business, marketing & development.

Professional Services & Results

Dedicated to providing professional standards and focus on results. Training and quality services for communication.  A team of experienced professionals to help you achieve results.

Practical & Effective Communication

Training courses designed to help you develop better practical skills & effective communication. training to prepare you for a variety of needs (certification, kids, adults, Business English, job interviews and more…).

Consulting & Support For Your Business

Services in editing, copywriting and content writing to help your business in marketing and sales. A FREE consultation to discuss and plan your content and strategy. Improve your business communication.

Prices, Quality & Value

Our prices are based on our quality of services to get you results. We focus on results and quality with a practical, effective and modern approach. We provide affordable training, support and services with competitive prices and great value.


Meet some of the team…



Director & Trainer

Hello and welcome. I’m Bidhan Vhadra, the Director of English Xpress. I am from UK and an experienced teacher of English and worked in many countries of Europe. I also have a background in business, marketing and IT services. English Xpress was founded to offer services in language and communication. We are not a typical school, but a language agency that offers a broad range of professional services. We also offer a more personalised service and consulting to give more value and quality. As well as directing the agency, I am a senior trainer and marketing consultant. I offer support and consulting for language services, such as editing, copywriting and content writing. English Xpress is a friendly and professional agency to help you and your business in developing good language and communication skills. We like to focus on you and achieving results. We can offer  support and solutions for marketing and refer you to our partner companies. When I’m not busy working, I like to relax with friends, walking, sight-seeing, cooking fine cuisine and enjoying various events.



Manager & Trainer

Hi, nice to meet you.  I’m Freides, the General Manager at English Xpress.  Hailing from South America, I have worked with people of all ages. Excelling in different cultural settings over the past 10 years. I offer my fullest support to provide training which is practical effective and most relevant to your needs. My experience as an ESL/EFL teacher guarantees that I should have no problem in adjusting to multi-ethnic environments with a wide range of training and classes. I can consult with you to manage and arrange your course, requirements and support you. I am also a specialist for younger learners and kids. I am a firm believer in the beauty of small things, constantly expressing a positive attitude towards my students. My approach to teaching is one of care, kindness and patience. I am resolute that my enthusiasm will always make an impact on learners and schools.  This is reflected by my motivation and drive for greatness. Likewise, I always aim to share my knowledge with my students. I want to put all of me into the time I spend with you and leave a good impression.



Trainer & Translator

Hi, I’m Annemarie and I am from UK. My native language is English, and my main second language is Italian. I have also studied Spanish and French. I love languages and I have been a trainer of English for many years. I am passionate about language training and skills. This is why I work with English Xpress because they are focussed on developing good communication and skills with practical training which is effective and enjoyable. I have also worked on various projects mainly in the marketing sector, for example, leaflets, brochures, customer satisfaction questionnaires, letters and information guides. I obtained these jobs through word-of-mouth, and what I found the most rewarding was that my work was appreciated by my clients. My work experience is varied. I am a Quality Auditor for LanguageCert, a speaking examiner for IELTS and Cambridge, and I have taught English as a second language. In my capacity as a Quality Auditor in Italy, my work involves my language skills as sometimes the people I deal with feel more comfortable speaking in Italian. I approach translating, auditing, teaching and examining in the same way: I try to do the best job I can.



Trainer & Translator

Hello, nice to meet you. I’m Julia and I’m a Canadian English Native speaker that has been living and working as an English teacher in Italy for the last five years. I have taught in English Kindergarten with an age range of 2 to 6 years old. I am a trained and qualified teacher of English. I am a specialist trainer for younger learners but also experienced with adults and General English. I have ongoing continued English private lessons with my students for five years and they continue to succeed and learn the English language. I will adapt my lessons to fit your needs and make it a fun learning experience. I am also a French speaker and continue to learn the Italian language so I understand the benefits and challenges comes with learning a new language.


 Satisfied clients & reviews…

I completed a course of training with English Xpress.  I contacted Bidhan and he arranged a course of training to develop my English language skills.  I needed to practice and improve my level of fluency for general life and also for my business.  I work with international clients so English language is very important for me. 

Bidhan planned an advanced course of training which was very useful and practical for me.  The training was professional and now I am much better in my English communication for business and general application.  I am more confident in using English with my clients. 

I also used the proofreading and copywriting services to improve my website content and marketing. I was very impressed with the quality of the copywriting and marketing service.  English Xpress are not just a school but also a full language consulting agency.  They have been very useful for me in training my English and improving the written communication for my business.  I fully recommend English Xpress and their excellent services. 


My name is Lucia and I’m a trainee lawyer. I’m very happy with my training course with English Xpress. I have known them for over 1 year. I previously did a training course with another company, but I needed a more practical and advanced training for my general communication skill and more personalised for my needs.

As a lawyer, I must also deal with some clients who speak English. So the Business English is also important for me. At English Xpress, I completed the general course and also some training for business.  The courses were excellent and directly useful for me. It was planned very well for my needs. After starting the courses face-2-face, I needed to change to online training because of the pandemic and Covid-19.

I enjoyed my training and it was quite useful for me. I can speak better and more clearly with people at work and general life. I recommend English Xpress to everybody, not only to young people and adults, but also for business people and for more particular skills in communication. They helped me to develop my skills and train more directly in accordance to my needs. The support was excellent.


Working with English Xpress was one of the most interesting and satisfactory experiences I have ever had. Their teachers are extremely talented, organized and creative. I never saw one school so dedicated, punctual, dynamic, optimistic and willing to help students they were.  I completed their online training courses for General English and preparation for IELTS exam.  The online courses are very good.

English Xpress has a real professional knowledge of class managment. They are not only capable of helping students in their process of learning, but also to guide students improve their skills in professional settings.

My teacher has the ability to encourage me to work on my skills in a way that I could see great improvements in a short time. English Xpress has a lot of expertise in international exams (including IELTS, TEFL, etc), has for sure given me an incredible ability to develop my studies and future endeavours. With that said, I highly recommend English Xpress and their tutors, due to their training and professionalism. My best regards.



Focus on your skills, career, business & future…

We work hard to bring you success…

Top ratings and statistics

  • Client Care & Support 92% 92%
  • Mother Tongue Teachers 88% 88%
  • Language Consulting: 86% 86%
  • Excellence & Quality: 90% 90%
  • Prices & Value: 95% 95%

Why Learn A New Language?

  • Increase Job Opportunities: 100% 100%
  • Business Travel & Communication: 95% 95%
  • Travel with More Confidence: 90% 90%
  • More Perspective on Arts & Culture: 75% 75%
  • Speak with More People: 85% 85%


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